Vfloat Glass Sheet


Premium float glass – our foundation product for clear vision & quality

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Header Image Vlam


Laminated float glass – the first step in Safety, Security & Noise control

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Safety Glass


Quality toughened glass – for superior strength, safety & resilience

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Thermal Insulation


High performance double glazing – for top-tier thermal insulation performance & light transmission

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Header Image Evantage


Reflective insulating glass – for thermal control with heat & glare reduction

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Light Content Panel


Premium quality silvered glass – for seeing more of the world and reflecting light

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Glass Canopies

Glass Canopies -

Bespoke frameless glass canopies - providing strength, light, and protection from the elements - best outdoor canopy

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splashbacks, splashbacks nz, glass splashback

Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere you want coloured glass that show creativity and flair!

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