Enivironmental Statement

Environmental Policy Statement

Viridian Glass Ltd is an environmentally conscious business and as leaders in our industry Viridian must conduct its business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

Viridian is committed to the prevention of pollution and the continual improvement of its environmental At Viridian’s discretion, the Policy and its content may be changed, removed at any time.

Since 2016 Viridian Glass has been using recycling it’s water on it’s premises as a way to reduce the impact it has on the environment:

Environmental Objectives

As a Company, we are committed to ensuring:

  • Protection of the environment and prevention of pollution is a day-to-day responsibility that Viridian accepts and implements
  • To treat the environment equally with all other issues and allocate appropriate management time to address and continuously improve our activities
  • To raise our standards and performance through examining current actions, employment involvement and constant communication with all stakeholders
  • To make Managers and Supervisors accountable for environmental issues in their relevant work areas
  • To establish work procedures that respect the environment and train staff to understand and follow procedures
  • To immediately report and /or rectify, if possible, any hazardous environmental conditions

Waste Managment Practices

Our manufacturing process contains the most stringent waste management practices, as a way to ensure that Viridian Glass can reduce, refucse, reuse, repurpose and recycle: 

GLASS: Glass waste is returned to recycling. It is in turn used in the manufacture of insulation, glass bottles and civil construction work

WATER: edge working machines and glass washing systems have been converted to recycle water

WOOD: waste timber is recycled and is processed for use in playgrounds, and garden mulch.

ALUMINIUM:  waste from our Installation teams and IGU manufacturing is sent for recycling

STEEL: Steel container frames are sent for metal recycling.

PACKAGING: Paper, Plastics and Polystyrene are all separated and recycled through “5R” Recyclers

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