Quadrant Shower

A Quadrant Shower is ideal for smaller bathrooms as it allows the maximum size shower with less intrusion. The door is hinged at 45° from the glass panel allowing greater access in a corner of the bathroom





Quadrant Showers

A quadrant shower is like a square shower, but with the corner cut off, providing you with an enclosed haven within your bathroom in which you can shut yourself away from the world for a refreshing showering experience. Fitting neatly into the corner of your bathroom, a quadrant shower is a perfect solution for those with the snuggest of bathroom spaces.


At Viridian Glass we custom make all of our showers to work with the space you have in your bathroom

All toughened safety glass and installations meet Building Code and NZS 4223.3 Human Impact Safety Requirements.


Why Choose a Quadrant Shower?

  • Quadrant Showers fit nicely into the corner of the room without protruding into the room if space is tight.
  • The design of a quadrant shower means that the door opens at an angle to avoid hitting nearby amenities. like your bathroom cabinet or toilet.
  • Quadrant Showers are good for odd bathroom layouts as it can fit in any bathroom size, you don’t need to struggle to put a typically sized shower into a room that might be small or of an unusual shape, you can use what you have.

Quadrant Showers are Space Savers

A square shape is a classic design, but it does take up space. The quadrant design is just as comfortable, but leaves more space available outside of the shower. 


Shower Glass Options/Colours

All Glass used in showers are Toughened / Tempered Glass (VTough™)

An easy-clean coating can be applied to all glass options, ask your Nearest Branch for more information.

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