Aspen Canopy Producer Statement PS 1 Request Form

Fill out our PS1 request below to obtain a Producer Statement for your Aspen Frameless Glass Canopy.

    Construction details:

    Refer to Euroglass technical drawings
    Lightweight Aspen Canopy
    Heavyweight Aspen Canopy


    Please show how the cantie and canwan brackets are connected to the structure

    Designer Details:

    Project Owner Details:

    Terms and Conditions

    By submitting this form, the designer agrees that the PS1 provided will only cover Euroglass Canopy specifications and details attached to it. All other design aspects are excluded.

    If our Euroglass canopy system as approved by the Building Consent Authority (BCA) for construction is substituted by a non-Euroglass system, a design and PS1 fee will be charged to the owner or developer. An agreement for the owner/developer signature will be provided separately for this. Please note that PS1 will not be issued until this has been signed and received by Viridian Glass/Euroglass. In addition, Viridian Glass/Euroglass reserves the right to notify the BCA of this substitution.

    I Agree to the Terms and Conditions

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