PerformaTech™ Solar Control Low-E

Premium solar control low-e double glazing – for top-tier thermal insulation performance & light transmission.





We believe that light and comfort should go hand-in-hand. That’s why we created PerformaTech™ – giving you the opportunity to design beautiful, affordable and sustainable buildings.

PerformaTech™ balances high levels of light transmission with very low levels of solar heat gain to provide you with a brighter and more comfortable space.

Relax in Year-round Comfort

PerformaTech™ offers superior thermal insulation combined with solar control and light transparecy – keeping your space at an ideal temperature.

Create Beautiful Designs

PerformaTech™ offers a high level of design flexibility because of the high ratio of daylight to radiant heat.


PerformaTech™ can deliver other benefits when it is paired with other solutions including privacy glass or acoustic glass

Double Glazed Unit

PerformaTech™ offers exceptional thermal insulation combined with high light transmission through the use of low-e glass and inert gas filled as standard.

Low-E Coating

A premium double Low-e coating is applied to allow natural light through without emitting radiant heat, maximising light and energy efficiency.


  • Facade
  • Windows
  • Overhead Glazing
  • Curtain wall
Size Limits
  • From 3300×2140 to 4500×2700

    *Subject to glass type and material thickness*

Glass Options

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Viridian PerformaTech™ is available in either heat strenghened or toughened. By combining Viridian PerformaTech™ with any one of the Viridian products in a double glazed unit, a vast range of performance characteristics and aesthetic options can be achieved.


%The following is based on an insulated glass unit comprised of 4mmPerformaTech / 16mm thermal spacer with argon gas / 4mm clear glass:

Visible Light %Transmittance 73%
Outdoor Reflectance 13%
Indoor Reflectance 14%
U-Value 1.1
Shading Coefficient* 40%
SHGC* 0.35
Selectivity* 2.06
Reflective Colour Neutral
Fading (Tdw-Iso) 0.53
Specify PerformaTech™


Brand/type: Viridian PerformaTech™
Outer glass type: Toughened PerformaTech™ Low E
Thickness: (options below) 
Coated surface: Surface 2
Spacer width: 12mm (recommended)
Spacer type: Thermal spacer as standard
Space gas: 90% Argon Gas as standard
Inner glass type: Clear 


Coated surface:  Specify Low E coated surface as surface No. 2
 Spacer width:  Spacer widths include 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 16mm; this is the air gap width.
 Space gas:  Argon gas for increased thermal performance.
 Thickness:  4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm.

Toughened to NZS4223.3.
PerformaTech Low E is a soft coat Low E that can only be used within sealed insulating glass units. The PerformaTech coating on surface #2 allows a combination of; high light transmission (73%) with a low shading co-efficient (0.40) and U value (1.1 with argon).


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