Euroanchors Balustrade

A Euroanchor Balustrade is a very popular cantilevered frameless glass barrier system.





Euroanchors Balustrade

  • Building Application: Face Fixed
  • Can Be Used For: Residential & Commercial Buildings
  • Occupancy Type: B, E1, C3

Safety Glass Options

Colours of Glass Available

  • Clear Standard Glass
  • SuperClear™ Low Iron
  • Tinted Glass
  • Pixagraphic™ Digitally Printed Glass

Colours of Balustrade System

You can powder coat your hardware accessories to any colour you would like.

Glass Selection for Balustrades

Choose from 3 different options for our glass balustrades

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is up to 5 times stronger than annealed glass. This allows the glass to break with dull edges. When selecting it for your balustrade the New Zealand standard demands you to also use a handrail or top-capping system that will ensure other panels of glass remain in place in the unlikely event of one breaking.

Toughened Laminated Glass

Toughened laminated glass is a safe option for home owners. This ensures that the glass will be bonded together if the glass breaks. The existing New Zealand standard stipulates that an interlinking clamp is needed if EVA laminated glass is used for balustrades.


Sentryglas™ balustrades are the only form of balustrade that can be used in a fully frameless manner. This is because the glass contains an interlayer that is 100 times stronger and 5 times stiffer than traditional laminates. This ensures that deflection is kept to a minimum, in the unlikely event of the glass breaking.


  • With the glass being face fixed, spaced 25mm off the building or deck and incorporating EPDM sealing washers a Euroglass Euroanchor system complies with building code clause E2.
  • Available in many shape and sizes, round, square and rectangular
Scope / Applications

Euroanchors are designed to be used as;

  •  Balustrades for External Decks and Stairwells
  •  Balustrades for Internal Decks, Stairwell, Landings and Mezzanine Floors

Euroanchors can be attached to the following substrates;

  •  Concrete
  •  Timber
  •  Steel
  •  Weather boards

Euroanchors comply with the New Zealand building code and glazing standards used in conjunction with the following Viridian Glass types and Euroglass systems;

SAFE: Viridian’s toughened safety glass and Euroglass interlinking rail system. Euroglass offers three interlinking rail systems;

  1. Squareline
  2. Roundline
  3. Archline

SAFEST: Viridian’s toughened SENTRYGLAS® laminated safety glass with Euroglass gap clamps.  SENTRYGLAS® incorporated with a Euroglass System offers a pure clean and clear traditional frameless barrier.

Euroanchors are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel. Aluminium anchors are also available upon request.


Statement of Building Code Compliance
Rated to be used up to a extra high wind zone (2.13Kpa or less)

This proprietary balustrade system complies with New Zealand Building Code Clauses;

  • B1 – Structure and B1/VM1
  • B2 – Durability
  • F2 – Hazardous Building Materials
  • F4 – Safety from Falling
  • D1 – Access routes (complies with the use of a handrail in accordance with NZBC D1/AS1)
  • E2 – External Moisture (must be designed and installed in accordance with our technical data sheets)

Based on barrier loads taken from AS/NZS1170.0 ANZIO can be used for Commercial Occupancy Types;

B & E – Office and work areas not included elsewhere including storage areas.

Areas not susceptible to overcrowding in office and institutional buildings also industrial and storage buildings. Light access stairs and gangways not more than 600mm wide. Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders for access.

C3 – Areas without obstacles for moving people and not susceptible to overcrowding.

Stairs, landings, external balconies, edges of roofs

Taken from table 3.3 AS/NZS1170.1

Maximum glass height from the centre of the top anchor is 1200mm using Viridian’s safety glass options according to 22.4.3 and Table 14 of NZS4223.3:2016 are;

  • 15mm toughened safety glass with interlinking rail
  • 17.52mm toughened SENTRYGLAS® laminated safety glass with Euroglass gap clamps (SENTRYGLAS® is a stiff interlayer that complies with 22.4.3 (c) of NZS4223.3:2016)

EBOSS Details on Euroanchors Balustrade

Producer Statement (PS 1)

To get a Balustrade Producer Statement PS 1 Request Form please click on the link below

Balustrade Producer Statement PS 1 Request Form


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Specify Euroanchor

How to detail an Euroanchor Balustrade

Producer Statement

Balustrade Producer Statement PS 1 Request Form

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