Double Glazing Low-E


Double Glazing for New Zealand homes should always contain  Low-E glass. Our new range is designed to provide year-round comfort & reduce your reliance on heating & cooling.




Reduce your energy bills by selecting our entry-level double glazing that contains Low-E glass.

  • Light Entering Your Home 77% 77%
  • Heat Entering Your Home 74% 74%
  • Heat Contained* 70% 70%


Premium clear Low-E Double Glazing that maximises light and heat contained in your home.

  • Light Entering Your Home 79% 79%
  • Heat Entering Your Home 56% 56%
  • Heat Contained* 81% 81%


Balance light and heat with our best solar controlled double glazing that contains Low-E glass.  

  • Light Entering Your Home 73% 73%
  • Heat Entering Your Home 35% 35%
  • Heat Contained* 81% 81%

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Viridian Glass has three Low-E glass options to ensure you have the right solution for your home. The Low-E glass you choose will be based on a number of key factors including how much light you wish to enter your home, how much solar control you need to keep heat out, and how much heat you wish to retain. 

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