H1 Windows & Glass Training

Between November 2022 and November 2023 there will be a series of significant updates that will be taking place througout New Zealand that will positively affect the window and glass industry. Created by MBIE (Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment), the changes to the New Zealand Building Code will create warmer and more comfortable homes for all New Zealanders. For Viridian, we see this as an opportunity for all New Zealanders to become more familiar with their windows and glass, and to learn about the different options that they have available. 

Free H1 Training Presentations

At Viridian Glass, we want all New Zealanders to be glass experts. Our team throughout New Zealand has created a set of key presentations that will enable you to become more knowledgable.

Viridian Training - Low-E Glass 2023
Learn how Low-E glass works. From keeping people warm all year, to blocking excess heat. This presenation will show also show you the full range of Low-E Glass supplied by Viridian Glass for our New Zealand market. View the presentation by filling in the information below.
Viridian Training - H1 Windows Training
Learn how the recent H1 window changes affect you! This is a great presentation for builders, window fabricators and architects. Fill in your details and the presentation will open up automatically.

Book a Presentation with our Architectural Team

Our presentations are on the following topics and will take about 60 minutes. They are worth 10 NZIA credits each.

1. H1 updates and Glazing solutions: including basics of low-E glass, how to understand performance data. 

2. Glass Basics: how different glass types are made; what are available in NZ, including interior and exterior glazing.

3. Acoustics: what happens when the sound goes through the glass; what can we do to improve acoustics besides increasing glass thickness?


Our Latest Brochure – Featuring H1 Window & Glass Changes

    Our latest brochure showcases the latest changes to the window and glass industry…

    VLow-E represents Viridian Glass Low-E and includes our latest range of Low-E Glass and showcases a soltution-packed range of double glazing. All of the glass within this new brochure is compliant with the latest H1 Building Code changes.

    H1 Frequently Asked Questions

        1. What are the H1 window changes in New Zealand?

        The New Zealand Building Code H1 window changes in New Zealand refer to the change in regulations and requirements for the energy efficiency of windows, doors and skylights in residential and commercial buildings. 

        2. Why were the changes made?

        The changes were made to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand.

        3. When do the H1 window changes come into effect?

        The H1 window changes come into effect in three stages: November 2022, May 2023, November 2023. These stages will provide the window industry the time to increase their effeciency in producing thermally effecient windows. 

        4. How does H1 affect glass specifications?

        The H1 window changes specify the minimum energy efficiency requirements for glass, including the U-Value, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and visible light transmittance (VLT).

        5. What are the penalties for non-compliance with H1?

        The penalties for non-compliance with the H1 window changes can include fines and delays in the building approval process.

        6. Are all types of glass affected by the H1 window changes?

        Yes, all types of glass used in windows, doors and skylights in buildings are affected by the H1 window changes.

        7. Can I still use single-pane glass in windows in New Zealand?

         No, single-pane glass is no longer compliant with the H1 window changes and must be replaced with double-glazed or triple-glazed glass that meets the energy efficiency requirements.

        8. How does the H1 window changes impact the cost of new windows?

        The H1 window changes may increase the cost of new windows. However, all New Zealander’s will benefit from having  energy-efficient glass and higher quality window frames.

        9. Can I retrofit my existing windows to meet the H1 window changes?

        Yes, you can retrofit your existing windows to meet the H1 window changes by installing energy-efficient glass or double-glazing. This is a cost-effective way to improve the energy efficiency of your building and comply with the regulations

        10. Which glass Supplier in New Zealand has multiple glass H1 solutions?

        Viridian Glass  has multiple glass solutions that meet the H1 window changes and can supply window companies, window fabricators and joinery companies throughout New Zealand. 

        Do you have a question about the H1 Window Changes?

        Do you have a question about the changes to H1 Energy Effeciency of the New Zealand Building code? Our team can answer your questions and concerns. Simply fill in your details below and the Viridian Glass Technical team will answer them for you. 

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