VLam Silence™ – Soundproof Glass

Acoustic laminated soundproof glass – for safety, security & superior noise reduction..





When you live in a busy urban environment, it can be hard at times to drown out the noise around you and really unwind. VLam Silence™ delivers the quaint seclusion of country living, without moving an inch.

You’d think that to block out the outside commotion, you’d have to have horrible thick windows that would make you feel closed in. But VLam Silence™ is a thinner, lighter solution to help you stay connected with your surroundings, without all the racket.

Minimise Outside Noise

VLam Silence™ buffers outside sound, decreasing sound by 34% in comparison to ordinary glass^ – allowing you to enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Security & Safety

VLam Silence™ is laminated Grade A safety glass and is suitable for safety glass applications, so you can be assured of its safety and durability.

Reduce Furniture Fading

The VLam Silence™ range has enhanced UV protection, helping reduce the rate at which your furniture fades.

Noise Interlayer

VLam Silence™ has a specially developed interlayer to dampen noise, providing enhanced sound insulation performance.

Tested & Certified

VLam Silence™ has been tested to Grade A safety glass standards.

Reduced Rate of UV Fading

The interlayer of VLam Silence™ offers greater UV protection for your space.

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  • Apartments
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Buildings close to main roads
Glass Options
  • Size Limits
    • Clear
      • 6.5mm
      • 8.5mm
      • 12.5mm

Can be incorporated with within double glazed units

  Product selection  
External noise source (dB) TrafficAircraftVoice
Low 65Office*6mm VFIoat6mm VFIoat6mm VFIoat
 Living Room*6.38mm VLam6.38mm VLam6.38mm VLam
 Bedroom*6.5mm VLam Hush6.5mm VLam Hush6.38mm VLam
Medum 70Office6mm VFIoat6mm VFIoat6mm VFIoat
 Living Room6.5mm VLam Hush6.5mm VLam Hush6.38mm VLam
 Bedroom8.5mm VLam Hush8.5mm VLam Hush8.5mm VLam Hush
High 75Office6mm VFIoat6mm VFIoat6mm VFIoat
 Living Room10.5mm VLam Hush10.5mm VLam Hush8.5mm VLam Hush
 Bedroom12.5mm VLam Hush
+16mm airspace
+8.5mm VLam Hush
12.5mm VLam Hush
+ 16mm airspace
+8.5mm VLam Hush
12.5mm VLam Hush
*The internal noise criteria set is: Office = 45-50dB living room= 40-45dB Bedroom =30-40dB    
Size Limits
  • Maximum Size: 5100mm x 3210mm

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