Triple Glazing Low-E


Triple Glazing containing two panes of Low-E glass is the latest advancement in glazing technology in New Zealand. Homes can be warmer and more energy efficient than ever before with our range of triple glazing solutions. 


The high Visible Light Transmission (see VLT below) of
EverWarmTM allows you to bask in the natural sunlight
streaming through your windows, creating a warm and
inviting ambiance that connects you with nature
throughout the day.

  • Light Entering Your Home 77% 77%
  • Heat Entering Your Home 74% 74%
  • Heat Contained* 70% 70%



Effectively manage the heat generated from the sun. By
minimising Solar Heat Gain (see SHGC below), it will help
keep your interior cooler and reduce the reliance on air
conditioning during warmer months.

  • Light Entering Your Home 79% 79%
  • Heat Entering Your Home 56% 56%
  • Heat Contained* 81% 81%

Technical Specifications

Discover the technical specifcations of our diverse array of triple glazed options. These are designed to cater to your specific needs, and use the accompanying graph to conveniently compare factors like Visible Light Transmission and Solar Control for each variant.

Glass SolutionOverall ThicknessU-Value (W/m2k)Light Tranmission (VLT) %Solar Heat Gain (SHGC)Shading Coefficient (SC)Visible Light Reflectance OutVisible Light Reflectance InTdw-ISO (Fading)
Standard Clear Triple (Clear Glass / Clear Glass/ Clear Glass)441.976.70.80212167
EverWarm Ultra™ (Lightbridge1.1 /Clear Glass /Lightbridge1.1)440.6680.440.50212153
EverWarm Standard™ (Clear Glass /Clear Glass /Lightbridge1.1)440.9720.510.59212159
SolarControl Ultra™ (PerformaTech /PerformaTech /Clear Glass)440.5610.270.31171939
SolarControl Advanced™ (PerformaTech /Clear Glass /LightBridge1.1)440.5640.310.35182144
SolarControl Standard™ (PerformaTech /Clear Glass /Clear Glass)440.8670.320.37182048

Compare Features 

Viridian Glass has three core triple glazing options to ensure you have the right solution for your home. The Low-E glass you choose will be based on a number of key factors including how much light you wish to enter your home, how much solar control you need to keep heat out, and how much heat you wish to retain. 

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