Security Penetration

Security means different things to different people, so it’s best to address security concerns on a case-by-case basis.

One thing’s for sure – with state-of-the-art security comes peace of mind. And our security glass means you can enjoy that peace of mind, without sacrificing the benefits of natural light, views and connectivity that only glass can deliver.

Advanced glass technology means that keeping your space secure doesn’t mean it has to be designed looking like an impenetrable fortress. You can have open and inviting spaces, that still offer safety and security to those inside.

It’s not that we make unbreakable glass. But rather we make glass that can break without letting anything come through to harm people inside.

How does it work?

Multiple layers of glass are combined with interlayers used for their durability and resistance to attack. The thickness and type of interlayer provides resistance to penetration and varies depending upon the design function – what it’s intended to defend against.

Then, our glass goes through rigorous testing processes to make sure it stands against the threats you need it to. For example, when testing and rating for intruder resistance performance is tested against actual physical attack.

So how do I find out what kind of glass I need to enhance my security?

If you want to start finding the right glass to meet your needs – we’ve got just the thing, try our Glazing Selector Tool that can help you out.

Security Glass

Enjoy all that natural light has to offer with peace of mind that your building is protected


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