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Retrofit double glazing will create a healthy, warmer and more comfortable home for you.

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Are you considering Retrofit Double Glazing in Auckland to enhance the energy efficiency and comfort of your home or office space? Our team is here to assist you every step of the way. With our state-of-the-art double glazing solutions, you can enjoy improved insulation, reduced energy costs, and a more comfortable living environment. Have questions or ready to get started? Feel free to reach out to us using the convenient contact form below:

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A lighter, brighter home

Our low-E glass for retrofit double glazing has a clear metallic coating that keeps the heat locked inside the home without sacrificing natural light. And, with 81% light transmission, it is the clearest Low-E glass available in New Zealand.

Always stay warm

Heat loss can be reduced by up to 80% using our retrofit system. The combination of low-e glass within a double-glazed glass unit with argon gas provides the ultimate solution for all homes, ensuring you’ll always be warm in your home.

An easy choice

Using our premium low-e glass, you will save 52% on electricity compared to standard double glazing. Capturing and trapping the suns heat and light allows your family to be more comfortable in a much more economical way.

Reduced Condensation

Viridian Retrofit double glazing will help significantly reduce condensation on your windows. This saves you all the hassle wiping and drying off your windows and window sills.

Lower Heating Costs

Because Viridian Retrofit double glazing helps reduce heat that is lost through your windows, your home will stay warmer and you can enjoy the added benefit of lower heating costs.

Reduced Noise

Viridian Retrofit double glazing provides better noise reduction than single glazing. By reducing the amount of outside noise that enters your home you can have a quieter and more peaceful interior.

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