Our windbreaks can provide shelter from the prevailing winds and enable you to see the world around you. With stylish glass and system combinations to choose from, you can find your perfect windbreak.

Whichever glass combination you decide on, we  recommend using a SentryGlas® interlayer between two pieces of glass for added strength and protection.

Enjoy the view

Only glass can provide the perfect combination of protection, security and visibility. 

Easy maintenance

Glass windbreaks do not require painting, oiling or any kind of high-level maintenance. A simple hose down periodically or wash with a mild detergent will ensure that it looks brand new once more. 

Quality Installation

We have been installing frameless glass systems for over 30 years, which means that you will be provided with a great experience, as well as a quality product that protects you and your family from the wind. 

Technical Specifications

For all windbreak technical specifications containing our DWG's, CAD and PDF drawings please refer to our EBOSS pages located here: https://www.eboss.co.nz/library/euroglass/range/windbreaks