An ever-increasing trend in homes with flair and high quality design are glass floors and stairs. These products create a stand-out feature in any home or office. 


All of our glass stairs and glass floors use a SentryGlas® interlayer between two pieces of glass for added strength and protection.

Glass Floor

Natural light

Traditionally dark spaces that include hallways and entrances can be transformed with a glass floor. It works as a viewing platform from above, but more importantly, a great source of natural light for the space below. 

Floating glass stairs

As the glass is made with SentryglasTM laminated glass, frameless glass stairs can be fixed at just one point. This creates the appearance that the stairs are floating and provides a truly amazing feature. 

Outdoor deck

Outdoor floors

An outdoor glass floor on a deck is the ultimate talking point. Each one will be provided with a non-slip pattern printed onto the glass to ensure that it is safe for wet environments.