Throughout the South Island, our Viridian Glass branches offer a premium retrofit double glazing service. 

Our expert installers in Nelson, Blenheim, Cromwell and Dunedin retrofit aluminium and wooden joinery. They do this by removing the existing single pane of glass and replacing it with an insulated glass unit that also has high quality low-e glass, which ensures your home is light, warm and comfortable all-year-round. 

A lighter, brighter home

Our low-E glass has a clear metallic coating that keeps the heat locked inside the home without sacrificing natural light. And, with 81% light transmission, it is the clearest Low-E glass available in New Zealand. 

Always stay warm

Heat loss can be reduced by up to 80% using our retrofit system. The combination of low-e glass within a double-glazed unit with argon gas provides the ultimate solution for all homes, ensuring you'll always be warm in your home. 

An easy choice

Using our premium low-e glass, you will save 52% on electricity compared to standard double glazing. Capturing and trapping the suns heat and light allows your family to be more comfortable in a much more economical way.